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They Built Our Dream

Casa al Sole to this day owes a large debt to its past, to the time when it was an ancient pension in the 1930s, and after which it was gradually transformed over time. Our dream was to renovate the pension, while being faithful to its origins, preserving the original structure of its floors, doors and windows. We could not have achieved this without the skill and dedication of our team of architects, craftsmen and workers, all of whom we thank from the bottom of our hearts. Thanks to these few, very special people, we can today offer all our guests a unique opportunity to enjoy the elegance and charm of the pension’s original character, beside the modern comforts and convenience they expect and deserve.

Alexandra and Manuel

Architectural projectArchitekten Mahlknecht Comploi
Light designConceptlicht
ElectricianElektro Wepa
PlumbingFlorian Marmsoler
Restaurant equipmentHegematic