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There are always two sides to a story. Passion is what drives me. I travelled the world for 20 years, filling my suitcase with experiences, from France to New Zealand, enriching my knowledge of food and wine. I was the maître and Head of Food and Beverages for many years at one of the most renowned hotels in the Dolomites. I love telemark, off-piste, cycling and gathering mushrooms.
But, more than anything else, I love the place I come from, even if it is not the sweetest and most gentle of lands at times. I experienced this myself when I decided to open the doors of this home, where I was born, before turning it into what it is today, to welcome refugees who braved the oceans.
I love music, wine and some say I have a heart of gold. Who knows if it is true? I like laughing, puns, being happy and making people burst into laughter. Yes, yes, I hear you: I am distracted, I can be a slacker sometimes, and a dreamer. But I am also fussy, precise and severe. I have two sides, if you will. But that is what makes life so interesting, would you not agree?


Upon learning of the possibility of living and working here, I packed my bags in a flash. After so many years here, I now feel like a true insider. I know the mountain paths like the back of my hand, I worked as a guide, concierge, innkeeper, receptionist, Management assistant and I like giving advice to whoever asks me for some. Well, yes, I can be distracted and a bit of a dreamer, and sometimes I feel a bit cack-handed. It is true: some people have even had the audacity to say I must be a relative of Miss Rottenmeier! Me! Just because I have a hybrid accent, a mixture of the rolling hills of Lombardy, South Tyrol and Slovakia, which makes me sound like the austere toll of the Ortisei chapel bell tower? Get out of here! I am kidding, of course: jokes are always welcome. I may look reserved as I hide behind my walls, but I love to laugh, play, love, give and share. I am always on my feet. Anyone want to follow me as I move about? Let us go and have fun on the Dolomite paths, accompanied by a big smile and joie de vivre. Allez.